Diamond Dampers

Diamond dampers are a world class proper damping system for isolating equipment from mounting borne mechanical noise and for draining mechanical noise out of equipment.

Both conditions are enacted simultaneously via the single application of a diamond damper per equipment mount point.

If the damper is placed under a rounded spike mount point, this is considered to be the most effective application. This creates an ‘xyz’ mechanical noise absorption and isolation, as the dimpled material can work to dissipate energy front to back, left to right, and up and down.

Sometimes they are used under subwoofers in apartment and condo situations, as they can isolate the given subwoofer from mechanical coupling to the floor and prevent travel of the mechanical noise into adjoining spaces.

They are effective, under the proper loading, from approximately 2Hz and upward. They are akin to a resistive/dissipative spring, or a ‘damped spring’ with a fundamental of 2Hz.

They can and do achieve isolation that is as good as many bladder type isolation platforms, with the notable second aspect of draining away noise that is inflected into the equipment or noise that the equipment creates on its own, for example the mechanical noise that originates in a disc player or disc transport system.