About Us

Teo Audio is the outcome of two intellectually itinerant inveterate tinkerers, and that tinkering has translated into some very interesting products. It was formally formed in 2007, but it’s roots lie deep into the early 90’s.

A world of experimentation and proofing took place, over two decades worth — in many areas of audio design.

One tinkerer has had success in screen coatings, which morphed into Goo Systems.

The other tinkerer dude has been engaged in noise and vibration control, along with a major side order of acoustics.

Over time, many an Innovative solution has been brought to bear on hither to difficult to solve problems.

Many designed were perfected, then rethought and improved upon, only to be put away again. Acoustics, speaker designs, electronics, accessories, shelving, all completed….. and put away.

More recently (2006-2007) the idea and theory Liquid metal cables came along, and it was decided to birth ‘Teo Audio’. To start with the fundamentals, the connectivity of the audio world.

So far, Teo Audio has brought true innovation to the audio field by releasing Liquid Metal Cables and the Liquid Metal Preamplifier.

A veritable cornucopia of other innovations
have yet to be released.