Liquid Audio Cables

TEO’s Liquid Cable interconnect cables are best characterized by their absence of character. When you replace your existing interconnect cables with Liquid Cable, different recordings simply sound more different and, consequently, more like themselves.
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Liquid Pre Amplifier

The Liquid Pre is a purist’s dream: a passive preamplifier with only an input selector and volume control, using the highest quality input and output connectors, and eschewing the use of transformers.
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“Re-writing the rules governing cable design”

The laws of physics tied to solid core conductor cable design no longer exclusively define how cables are designed and built.

“As the song progressed there were gasps and head-shaking and wonderment from all of us”

“Of all of the things that I have ever done or had done to my system those interconnects have made the most difference to the sound”

“the most difficult thing to tell other people who haven’t heard this kind of audio is that this is one of those rare born-again type of experiences”